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underground leak detection

One of the things that a lot of home and business owners worry about is underground water leaks. They can cause a big problem if they aren’t fixed right away and they can cause everything from a small problem on a property to a sinkhole that can lead to foundation damage.

Symptoms of an underground water leak include:

  • Unusual wet areas in spots that are landscaped
  • Pools of water on the surface of the ground
  • An area that’s moldy, soft, green, or mossy that’s surrounded by a dryer condition
  • A very noticeable drop in flow volume/water pressure
  • Cracking or heaving of areas that are paved
  • Potholes or sink holes
  • Even grades of floor or a structure leaning
  • A sudden increase in use of water that is unexplained

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact Mr. Leak Detective to pinpoint the location of your underground leak today.​​